Group Answering Features

Available To

Colleges and Departments

Service Overview

Meant for areas that need additional ways to answer calls or for departments that process a large volume of telephone calls for customer support, reservations, order desks, and other similar operations. No recurring charges are applicable for these group functions.

Service Details

Pick-Up Group

Provides the ability to answer a call from another phone in an office by pressing “77” on any phone assigned to a common pick up group.

Hunt Group

This is a main number that routes a call to one of several lines (members of the group) that can be answered at any digital telephone where all lines of the group appear. Anyone having the hunt group members on their telephone can answer these calls. A hunt group normally has three hunt members but can contain more if needed.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

ACD is a specialized telephone system application designed to route incoming calls to any available personnel/agent, which must be logged in, so that calls are distributed evenly or in a consistent order among personnel/agents.   ACD also keeps callers in queue and provides them with announcements indicating that they are in queue and will be assisted in the order their calls were received. ACD offers up to three different types of queue announcements.

ACD with Report Application

Along with ACD service, there is a report application available that provides statistics to assist departments with managing their calls and personnel/agents.  Use of ACD requires that at least one agent is always logged-on and available to take calls.  ACD supports supervisor monitoring of the queue and agents logged in and taking calls.  Reports include call statistics such as number of calls received or abandoned, average wait time, and average handling time, and several other categories of call statistics. The reporting module is available at an additional expense beyond the system programming of a group.