International Student Document Request

F1, I-20, and home country document signature for current degree-seeking students, ALI students, and alumni.
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International Student Type
International Student Type
F1 Status Letter Request
You may select multiple letter requests below. Each letter request option is different.
F1 Status Letter Request
Home Country Document Signature
For home government forms only. This is not for I-20 signatures. Do not upload your I-20. Attach document from home country government needing signature in the attachment field below.
Home Country Document Signature
American Language Institute (ALI) students, please use the ALI service to submit your request(s).
I-20 Request
Reprint I-20 for Myself (select all that apply).
I-20 Request will be processed electronically at this time due to COVID-19.
You will receive a digital copy of your I-20.
I-20 Request
Please attach completed Financial Affidavit Form and associated documents in the attachment field below for any I-20 requests for dependents.

For I-20 update with new program end date, please attach support letter from your Program/Academic Advisor in the attachment field below.
Concurrent Enrollment Permission
Please include the following information in the description box:
Name of school
Course Name
Number of Units
Mode of Instruction
Dates of Enrollment
Explanation of why you need to take course at another school
Please also attach form from visiting campus in the attachment field below.
Concurrent Enrollment Permission
Please include relevant details regarding your request.
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Please upload any documents that apply to your request.

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