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Academic Scheduling

Used by Academic Support/Enrollment Services to schedule rooms and facilities for classes.

Accessible Documents

Resources for creating accessible documents

Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM)

Computer support services for students with disabilities

Active Directory

a common system for the organization and administration of user accounts and computing technology resources, such as computers, file shares, and printers.

Antivirus Protection

Antivirus protection for employees with campus-issued computers

ApplicationXtender / Kofax

Document imaging for Financial Management, HR, ITS and CSULB Research Foundation

Audience Response Systems

iClickers or Student Response System (SRS) is a classroom technology that provides professors with instant feedback on student responses to in-class polling questions and quizzes.

Authentication Services

Shibboleth, LDAP, Active Directory, Okta


Backup and Recovery Services

Server and database hosting and department file shares are supported by full backup and recovery services

Beach Alert

Beach TV

Beach TV is a nonprofit local educational cable TV channel operated 24/7 on cable systems in Long Beach, Signal Hill, and Lakewood.


BeachBoard is the campus Learning Management System.

BeachMail Student Email

Campus-issued student email account, also known as BeachMail.


beachnet+ is the primary, secure wireless connection for students, faculty and staff while on campus.


The beachnet-guest-access network is for University guests that require temporary WiFi access.

Billing Reports and Statements

Monthly billing reports and statements summarizing charges by department, charge type extension and account.


Call Processing

A telephone application that transfers calls to various extensions, voice mailboxes, or voice recordings without the intervention of a human operator.

Campus Computing Account

Each authorized CSULB student and employee has a CSULB computing account, which consists of your email address and your password.  Access to specific campus systems is based on your role within the University.  Campus accounts are generated automatically when new affiliations are created, such as when students are first matriculated and when employees are hired.

Campus ID Card

Your ID card is your official form of identification while a member of the CSULB community.

Carrier Service

Data and special circuits to off-campus systems, and voice telephone service at remote office locations.


Internal Clearance and Electronic Proposal Submission

Central Computer Labs

Two open access computer labs are available for current CSULB students, faculty, and staff: the Spidell Technology Center, located in the Library on the 1st Floor and the Horn Center, located on lower campus at the Steve and Nini Horn Center. Limited guest access to computers is available in the Library Spidell technology Center only.

Classroom Audio/Visual Services

Support for faculty in the use of the technologies equipped within University Classroom Pool (UCP), support staff in the use of audio/visual presentation technologies throughout various campus venues.

CMS HR Admininstration Service

CMS HR Administration and Time Approval services, which integrate campus human capital management processes, including personnel administration, benefits administration, time management, and payroll

CMS Student Administration Service

Also known as Campus Solutions

College Computing Labs

Computer labs available by specific colleges, programs, or majors.

Common Finance System (CFS) & CFS Data Warehouse

Compromised Account Procedures

A series of response efforts to mitigate security risks with compromised accounts

Conference Calling

The University's telephone system can accommodate up to eight parties, four of whom can be off-campus, on one call.

Copier Program

CSLink Report Management System

Administrative reporting such as HR, Telecom, and Student Administration systems

CSU Training

A CSU learning management portal that offers employees access to thousands of professional development resources.


Database Hosting

A range of database hosting options for campus applications, which offer high availability, a secure environment, and data recovery options.

Departmental Websites

Multiple web teams across campus provide web services, such as web design, web maintenance, application development and accessibility reviews for web pages and documents.

Desktop Support

Provided to employees at the division, college and department levels across campus, services are provided mainly for Universtity-owned computers and technology. Desktop Support Services is your main point of contact for technical support.

Device Encryption

encryption services for campus-owned/issued laptops

Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (Duo MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication with Duo adds a second layer of security to your online accounts. Verifying your identity using a second factor (like your phone or hardware token) prevents anyone but you from logging in, even if they know your password.



eduroam is a global wireless roaming service, which provides secure network access for users in higher education and research institutions.

Electronic Degauss and Destroy Service

a campus service to sanitize eligible computer media.

Electronic Fax

Secure, paperless fax solution that converts and routes inbound faxes to a specified network drive or email address.

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing tools

Employee Center

Available within Single Sign-On (SSO), Employee Center (formerly MyCSULB) is the central location for employees to access their personal information.

Employee Computer Software Training

For campus employees to assist with learning software that is supported by the Division of IT on campus-owned computers. Provides a link to view the current Training Calendar.

Employee Email and Calendaring

Employee business email services, which include personal and resource calendaring, contacts, tasks, and notes.

Enplug Digital Display System

Allows you to put digital content onto any display, while managing the content from an account dashboard where any changes you make are instantly updated on your display.

Equipment Reservation and Checkout

Classroom Support Services loans equipment to the CSULB Faculty and Staff community from our profuse inventory. To ensure fairness and access to equipment for all concerned, checkouts are limited to 2 business days to circumlocute potential inequality in its availability for others in need. Classroom remotes and cables are available for semester long checkout.

eSignature Service (DocuSign)

A self-service tool that allows designated members of the campus to create and route electronic documents for signature and campus employees and students to apply an electronic signature to those documents.


Faculty Center

Faculty Center allows you to view your teaching schedule information, view your class rosters, and submit grades for your classes. Instructors may also have access to student information through Advisement and course information through Class Search.

Faculty Research Experience and Expertise (FREE)

a searchable electronic database that includes research experience and expertise of faculty at CSULB.

File Sharing

Centrally managed onsite, network file share service, which includes a production copy of all files, an on-site backup, and an off-site backup.

File Transfer (FTP) Service

FTP is a standard Internet protocol used to transfer files, programs, and other data between a client computer and a server on a computer network. A CSULB FTP / Personal Web Space provides 25mb of space on CSULB's servers.


Group Answering Features

Meant for areas that need additional ways, including MiCC and ACD, to answer calls or for departments that process large volumes of telephone calls for customer support, reservations, order desks, and other similar operations.


High Performance Computing (HPC) Environment

Division of Information Technology (DoIT) offers a Central High Performance Computing (HPC) environment for Faculty computing in their pursuit of teaching and learning. This service includes shared cycles on several high performance clusters equipped with a variety of research software packages.


ICT Procurement Compliance Review (PCR) Process

This is part of CSULB's ongoing commitment to provide access to information resources and technologies to individuals with disabilities. The Chancellor's Office policy requires the campus to purchase Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) products that meet Section 508 Accessibility requirements.

*PLEASE NOTE: PCRs may take 10 days or more to process, so please plan accordingly.

Instructional Design

Inquire with an instructional designer about the technologies available for instruction.


Interfolio is a secure, online solution for universities to manage the faculty evaluation process from the submission of materials to the final results. At CSULB, used specifically for Retention/Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion (RTP), Periodic “Mini” Evaluations (PME), and Evaluation of Tenured Faculty (ETF).

L Training

Free, unlimited access to business, software, technology, and creative skills training


Mailing Lists

Mailing List (LISTSERV) is an email list service when members of the list contain non-campus email address (non, such as those from other universities or third-party consumer email systems, such as Gmail and Yahoo. This service is only available to campus employees.

Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MS MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is an additional step in the log in process that verifies your identity when you log into Microsoft services.

Microsoft Teams

a collaboration software which integrates chat, teams & channels, audio and video calling, document sharing, and meetings functionality.

Microsoft Teams Training for CSULB Faculty and Staff

Microsoft Teams Training for CSULB Students

Mobile Device Service

Under the direction of the Division of Administration and Finance, DoIT assists campus departments with acquiring and coordinating campus approved, University-owned devices and monthly service.

MyBeach Intranet


Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 web applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive. Also available for download on personal computers.

OneDrive for Business

Microsoft's cloud based file storage which provides ways to share and collaborate with anyone with your stored files.

Open a ticket with Academic Technology Services (ATS)

Open a ticket with Admissions

Open a ticket with Associated Students Inc (ASI)

Open a ticket with ATLAS advising (CLA)

This form is for incoming College of Liberal Arts students attending SOAR only. Please use this form if you have questions or need help with your Fall 2020 class schedule.

Open a ticket with Beach Central

Open a ticket with Beach Connect

Open a ticket with Career Development Center (CDC)

Open a ticket with College of Business (COB)

Open a ticket with College of Business Advising (COB)

Open a ticket with College of Education (CED)

Open a ticket with College of Engineering (COE)

Open a ticket with College of Health and Human Services (CHHS)

Open a ticket with College of Liberal Arts (CLA)

Open a ticket with College of Natural Science and Mathematics (CNSM)

Open a ticket with College of The Arts (COTA)

Open a ticket with DSA Communications

Open a ticket with Enrollment Services (ES)

Open a ticket with Financial Aid

Open a ticket with Financial Management (FM)

Open a ticket with Forty-Niner Shops (FNS)

Open a ticket with Forty-Niner Shops Comm Web

Open a ticket with Housing & Residential Life (HRL)

Open a ticket with Human Resources Management (HRM)

Open a ticket with Information Technology Services (ITS)

Open a ticket with Physical Planning and Facilities Management (PPFM)

Open a ticket with Student Affairs Information Technology (SAIT)

Open a ticket with Student Health Services (SHS)

Open a Ticket with the Technology Help Desk

Request this service to contact the Technology Help Desk.
You may also reach us by phone at (562) 985-4959, email at, or in person at the Horn Center lobby and 5th floor of the Campus Library.
Hours during the fall and spring semesters are Monday-Thursday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM and Friday 8:00AM - 5:00 PM.
Basic support and escalation in case of emergencies is available outside these hours by email and phone.

Open a ticket with Unified Technology Support (UTS)

Support team for the following areas: Athletics, Division of Admin and Finance (DAF), Division of Information Technology (DoIT), Division of Student Affairs (DSA), Equity and Diversity, President's Office, Staff HR, University Ombuds, University Relations and Development (URD).

Open a ticket with University Police (UPD)

Open a ticket with University Relations and Development (URD)

Other Office 365 Applications

An assortment of other Microsoft Office 365 applications available for your personal, academic, and work needs.


Parking Systems and Services

Enterprise-wide parking and enforcement hardware, software and systems that provide an effective parking environment for students, employees and visitors to CSULB.


ParScore provides an integrated system for scoring tests, building a gradebook, and printing statistical reports using a SCANTRON optical reader.

PeopleSoft Student Financials

Functional support related to PeopleSoft Student Financials module provided by Financial Management

Phishing Response

Various actions are taken to respond to these types of known and reported phishing attempts targeting campus users.

Print Services - Academic/Business Departments

Support for printers or scanners used by employees.

Print Services - Students

Access to black & white and color printing services located in various locations on campus, including some site specific locations with full copy center printing services.



Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool for conducting survey research, evaluations and other data collection activities.

Quote / Project Request

lnstall telecommunications cable and/or request a quote for telecommunications work.


Remote Access (VPN) Service - GlobalProtect

Remote networking services, Virtual Private Network (VPN), is a campus system allowing individuals to securely access internal networks and computers over the Internet, using encrypted tunnels to ensure that data cannot be accessed without authorization.


Respondus is an application that lets instructors create and manage exams and surveys that can be printed to paper or published directly to BeachBoard.



Scantron is a popular test taking tool for answer delivery and grading.

Server Hosting

Virtual server hosting services for campus customers who want to operate their equipment in a secure, centrally managed data center.

Service Account Administration

Student Assistant, Service Accounts, Guest Accounts

SharePoint Online

a web-based collaboration and document management platform for employees and campus departments

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Using your campus email address and password, Single Sign-On is a service which allows a single location for accessing multiple campus applications and services upon successfully logging in at Access to applications and services will vary depending on your campus role, such as if you're a student, faculty member, or staff member with specific job-related roles.

Software Depot

Access to software licensed by the university for students, faculty, and staff

SSL Certificate Service

a program with InCommon, LLC to enable CSU campuses to distribute security certificates within their respective domains

Student Center (MyCSULB)

The MyCSULB Student Center provides a "home base" for accessing your student information such as your class schedule, outstanding balance, and contact information.

Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT)

Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT) is an assessment instrument used at CSULB to gather student feedback on faculty teaching.

Student Remote Labs

Remote desktop access to college-specific computer lab software applications

Student Virtual Labs (SVL)

Online access to university-licensed software for classroom instruction and assignments.

System Monitoring (SCOM)

SCOM is a tool for infrastructure monitoring, such as for alerting administrators of disk space utilization, database crashes, and server performance.


Telephone Directory Service

An array of services to assist the campus community and visitors with searching for people and departments on campus.

Getting updates directly from telephone users on campus is critical to record accuracy; in part due to extension numbers being assigned by departments and not part of any HR record. ITS/Telecommunications is reliant on departments and individuals to provide their information for accurate and complete directory records. Telephone directory records supply telephone extension information to the Address Book (GAL) in Outlook, the campus 911 system, and various HR related systems.

Telephone Service

Telephone lines and equipment provided for the campus community.


Turnitin is a plagiarism prevention service available in BeachBoard.


University Web Server

Support for the campus server cluster which houses many of the campus websites.


Voice Mail

Available on campus-issued desk telephones with a variety of standard features.

Vulnerability Scanning

an inspection of potential points of exploit on web applications that process Level 1 data


Web Accessibility

Resources and services for creating and maintaining accessible CSULB web content

Wired Network Services

Network enabling services include DNS record changes and corrections, DHCP relay/DHCP address failures, static/fixed IP address assignment, and server IP assignment.