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Chatbot prompt asking "may I help you?"

Available To

Chatbot is publicly available on specific CSULB websites. Departments interested in a chatbot, can see contact section below.

Service Overview

The CSULB chatbot, known as Elbee, is cloud-based and powered by Ocelot, which is optimized for higher education.  It requires minimal IT resources to onboard and includes an extensive list of higher education knowledgebases that can provide a starting point for customization. 

Service Details

The Elbee chatbot is mobile-friendly, WCAG AA 2.0 accessible, and can be deployed across student service departments.  The chatbot can help:

  • Support enrollment and retention initiatives
  • Improve customer service
  • Reduce phone calls and wait times
  • Support after-hours support
  • Support student self-service
  • Ensure consistency of answers
  • Save staff time

As of Spring 2024, the current CSULB departments have employed the Elbee chatbot:


Not all campus services or departments may be compatible with the Elbee chatbot, but to inquire, please contact for more information.

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