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Contract Review Request Details 

Contracts are required for any purchase, transaction, or relationship in which the University takes part in any capacity that may require expenditure of funds or expose it to risk. 

Only Departments taking responsibility for the relationship may submit a Contract Review request. 

Please do not direct students to this form. California State University operational policy requires that certain preliminary matters must be addressed prior to entering into any contract with a third party. By submitting a Contract for review, you are representing that these matters have been adequately addressed and approved by authorities within your department. 

We understand that contracts requiring review may be submitted by a range of staff with different responsibilities, but in order to ensure that responsibility is taken for the aforementioned preliminary requirements, we require that you identify an Approver with sufficient authority within your department to verify that these matters have been addressed and take responsibility in the event that something goes awry. Typically this approver will have Level 4 Signing Authority status in the University’s Signature Authority management system, but your department may have internal procedures that vary. Please consult leadership within your department to ensure that your obligations and the University’s obligations are met before submitting a Contract for review. 

In addition to identifying the Requestor, who is actually filling out the form and submitting the request, and an Approver, who has adequate authority to take responsibility for the costs and risks associated with the relationship, you will be asked to identify a Contact person for this relationship, who is the person most knowledgeable within the University who can be expected to answer questions regarding the relationship and resolve problems should they arise. 

Entity Details 

A Contract is intended to establish rights and obligations based on mutual commitments, and allocate responsibilities and liabilities related to the relationship between two entities, allaying concerns on both sides and simplifying resolution of any dispute that might arise in the future. In order to ensure that these obligations and commitments are enforceable under law, and to ensure that you know with whom you are entering into this proposed relationship, we ask that you clarify with your contacts with the organization the legal name and address of the entity with which we will be contracting. This information can be verified with the office of the California Secretary of State via its Business Search portal

While the relationship with this entity belongs to your department and we hope to simplify maintenance of the relationship by leaving responsibility for correspondence with your department, information on your primary contact can be useful to Contract Services if we need to verify details, negotiate changes to the agreement, or address matters related to the program when the primary internal stakeholder is unavailable.  

Contract Information 

This section of the form will request general information about the agreement you seek to put in place, including Contract Type, a general description of the Purpose of the Contract, and other information that affects the responsibilities of the University and the department seeking to establish the contractual relationship. Please answer all questions to the best of your knowledge. If you do not know the answers, please investigate before submitting to ensure that all of your answers are accurate, as this information has substantive impact on the course of action required by law, regulation, CSU policy, and University policy. 

Relevant Date fields are optional. If you believe that any of this information will be useful to scheduling or providing review, please check boxes associated with the dates you intend to provide and fill out associated date fields. 

Additional obligations are imposed upon the University when engaged in certain activities, including spending funds, activities involving risk to persons and property, or acquiring technology. Please answer these questions to the best of your knowledge. If you provide specific answers, the form will change to allow you to provide additional information relevant to those issues. If you do not know the answers, please investigate before submitting to ensure that all of your answers are accurate, as this information has substantive impact on the course of action required by law, regulation, CSU policy, and University policy.

If there is additional information relevant to the contract that has not been provided in the above fields, please take the time to enter it in the Additional Relevant Information field.


Please do not forget to attach relevant document(s). 

Response and Processing Time Details 

  • Completed document requests will be attached to the ticket you submitted accessible through the link emailed to you upon creation and update of any ticket, or through the TeamDynamix user interface by checking your current Ticket Requests if you're the original submitter.  
  • Requests take a minimum of 15 business days (excluding weekends and holidays), and may take significantly longer depending on the nature of the request and demands upon the Contract Services office at the time of your request. 

Contact Us 

If you need assistance with your request after submitting, simply reply to the automated emails you will receive from us regarding this ticket. 

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