International Student Full Course Exception


Immigration regulations require an F-1 student to maintain full-time enrollment. A student enrolled in their final semester of course work at the university, may request a full course exception and must receive approval by an international student advisor.  

Class schedule must be final at the time of request submission.  

Prior to Submitting

Please complete the following before submitting this request.

For Graduates:  

  • Register for your courses you plan to take. Your schedule must be final at time of submission. 
  • Must have filed to Request to Graduate through Enrollment Services if this is your last semester. 
  • Meet with your Graduate Advisor to confirm program requirements 

For Undergraduates:  

After Submitting

Your request will be reviewed by an International Student Advisor in ISS. You will receive a response that will confirm the decision made of your request for full course exception (FCE).

Requests take a minimum of 15 business days (excluding weekends and holidays).

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