Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MS MFA)

Available To

Students, Faculty, and Staff

Service Overview

Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (also known as Two-Step verification) adds a second layer of security when you log into CSULB Single Sign-On (Microsoft My Apps).  MFA means that when you log into SSO, you provide two verifications of your identity.  

Verifying your identity using a second factor prevents anyone but you from logging in, even if they know your password.  A two-step verification method is stronger than a password alone because two factors confirm that you are who you say you are:  something you know (your password) and something you have (a mobile device).  

Service Details

Students, Faculty, and Staff will be required to utilize Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when accessing CSULB Single Sign-On (Microsoft My Apps) starting in June 2021. 

Supported Second-Factors Methods

Method Process More Information

Mobile App Push

Microsoft Authenticator App

The Microsoft Authenticator app will present an on-screen option to approve or deny the log in request. Apple (iPhone, iPad, Watch) and Android (phone, tablet) devices are supported.

Download the app:

Google Play App Store Apple App Store

Verification Code (2 options)
  • Microsoft Authenticator App (Recommended)


  • Hardware Token
  • The Microsoft Authenticator app will present a new one-time code to use for each MFA-required login.


SMS/Text Message SMS (text) message to a mobile device You'll receive a SMS/Text message with a code to enter to complete the log in process. Text message charges may apply depending on your phone plan.
Phone Call Mobile or land line telephones You'll receive a phone call with a code to enter to complete the log in process. Phone charges may apply depending on your phone plan.

Manage your Devices 

If you'd like to manage your devices, including adding new second factors or changing your default factor, please click on the Manage button below. 

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Initial Account Setup (New Employees & Students)

Upon first log in to any service requiring Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication, you'll be presented with on-screen options to configure your device to accept MFA. These guides illustrate the process:

Configuring Your Account for Microsoft Authenticator App - Quick Start Guide
Configuring Your Account for Call/Text Messages - Quick Start Guide 

After initial account setup, you can change and manage your MS MFA sign-in methods/devices:

How to Manage MFA Login Methods/Devices

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