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Available To

Employees (including student assistants, which must use their student assistant accounts to access the intranet)

Offices, Colleges, Functional Groups can elect to create their own internal site with their related content for their specified employee audiences.

Service Overview

The CSULB Intranet is intended for use by staff and faculty as a source and location for sharing internal information. The Intranet will be used to maintain and store information such as forms, internal guidelines, processes, and procedures. It can also be used to advertise events and activities relevant to employees. 

Service Details

The MyBeach Intranet is a Microsoft SharePoint site and is available within Single Sign-On

Features and Benefits

  • Security: Content is out of public view and only accessible by logging in using your campus credentials.  Content can further be restricted based on established permissions. For example, an office or college can restrict certain content to be viewable and accessed only by employees from their respective office.
  • Standardization:  It offers offices, colleges, and functional groups a way to manage and update content with support from DoIT using templates that are consistent with University branding and that meet web accessibility compliance standards. 
  • Content Ownership: Offices, colleges, and functional groups are expected to develop and manage their own site content.
  • Guidance: DoIT will help develop a recommended site architecture and navigation structure based on the stated goals and objectives.


Is a MyBeach Employee Intranet Site Right for You? for determining whether an office, college, or functional group Intranet site is right for you.

MyBeach Employee Intranet - Service Level Agreement for more details about this service, including features and roles and responsibilities.  


For questions about moving your office or college internal content to MyBeach, please contact for preliminary guidance.

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