Billing Reports and Statements

Available To

Campus employees and departments

Service Overview

Telecom provides monthly billing reports and statements summarizing charges by department, charge type, extension and account.  Reports are distributed to recipients via email or CS Link as specified by each department.

Service Details

Two types of reports are currently distributed by Telecom.

Billing Summary Reports

Distributed via CS Link to recipients as specified by each department.  Reports contain all telecom-related charges for the previous calendar month, summarized by charge type, department, extension, and billing account.  Contents of each report will vary by recipient’s report permissions.
See Accessing Telecom Billing Reports through CS Link article.

Call Detail Statements

Emailed to all employees who have been specified as a primary user of a campus extension by their department.  Statements contain the date and time, number called, duration, and charge amount for each call made during the previous calendar month.  This statement is not a bill, and call details are for informational purposes only.  The university is required by California law to distribute these records to employees so that they have the necessary information to reimburse the university for any personal calls made.

See Telephone Call Detail Statement article.