Mobile Device Service

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Select University employees

Service Overview

Select University employees may be required to use a mobile device (such as smart phone or mobile phone) to communicate with the University while away from campus and/or use a mobile device as an integral tool in performing their assigned duties. Under the direction of the Division of Administration and Finance, DoIT assists campus departments with acquiring and coordinating campus approved, University-owned devices.

Service Details

Obtaining a Mobile Device

To learn more about the criteria for acquiring a University-owned mobile device or the qualifications for a stipend for your personally-owned device, please read the University Mobile Device Policy. This policy also includes frequently asked questions (FAQs), which may provide you with a better understanding of this service. In general, if your position requires the use of a personal device for business purposes, please see your ASM regarding stipend approval.  After receiving a pre-approval from your ASM, please click the Request Service button.  Indicate what type of device is needed in the section for additional instructions. You will be contacted for further information after the ticket request is approved by your Administrative Services Manager (ASM).

Work From Home Offer Paid by Departments

AT&T is currently offering hotspots for $25 monthly and $25 for the initial purchase. Verizon is currently offering $37.99 monthly and $29.99 for the initial purchase. Prices shown do not include taxes or fees. Offers will remain while supplies last. If needed, please request price confirmation at the time of your order.

Support for You

Employees should contact their ASM with questions regarding qualifying for a University-owned mobile device.

For instructions on how to connect your mobile device to campus email, please visit the appropriate IT Knowledge Base article:

If you are seeking technical assistance that the IT Knowledge Base is not providing, please see your college/department Technical Coordinator.

If you are a current user of a University-owned mobile device and are experiencing issues or have general inquiries, please contact ITS Telecommunications at (562) 985-4480 or


Mobile Device Policy

Mobile Device Terms of Use

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