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Quotes are recommended for projects such as cabling for new voice or data lines or for department moves or remodels.

Service Details

When a quote is needed for a project, a room diagram will be needed, and you may need to request project forms from Telecommunications. When a work request is submitted for cabling and phone moves, a technician will coordinate with the department contact to survey the areas involved. The costs would be identified according to the scope of work, and the quote is sent to Telecommunications to process further. If the contact’s departmental approver (i.e., ASM) accepts the quote, they sign it and return it to Telecommunication Services, and it becomes a work order. Technicians would continue to work with departmental contacts to complete the scope of work.

If you are planning telephone work to be done for more than five lines, please consider using the Multi-Move-Change-Install-Disconnect form.  It can be edited and then uploaded with your ticket requesting the service. To request an alternate format of this information, please contact

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