Database Hosting

Available To

Technical staff to support college or department administration/services

Service Overview

A range of database hosting options for campus applications, which offer high availability, a secure environment, and data recovery options.

Service Details

There are two types of hosting solutions:

  1. Shared database hosting (sharing with other applications) is an efficient and cost-effective solution if you only need a small number of schemas and do not require a special maintenance window.  We only support:
    • MySQL
  2. Custom database hosting (requiring a dedicated database) is the best solution when you have a need for many schemas, cannot risk sharing resources with other applications, and may require a specific maintenance window.  We support:
    • Oracle:
    • MySQL:  this requires the additional purchase of a MS SQL license.

Databases can be for Test/Developement and/or Production.


There may be applicable costs to provide these resources, in which case a Service Level Agreement (SLA) will be required.

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