Enplug Digital Display System

Available To

Technical Staff for use by campus colleges and departments

Service Overiew

Enplug Display allows you to put digital content onto any display, while managing the content from an account dashboard where any changes you make are instantly updated on your display.

Service Details

Enplug provides a collection of apps including:

  • Live Social Wall
  • Images & Videos
  • Waitlist
  • News
  • and more

Roles and Responsibilities

Each college or department interested in using this service should be aware of the following responsibilities.  College/department must:

  • Own or purchase their own display(s)
  • Have the appropriate network cabling available to connect their display(s); a Telecom Work Order may be necessary if network cabling does not currently exist in the location of the display(s)
  • Have the staffing to manage their display content

The Division of IT will support this service by providing the following:

  • The Enplug Device, which is the media player that powers your screens (includes power adapter and HDMI cable)
  • A campus Enplug account and display license

Please Note:  All displays that become part of this campus Enplug Digital Display System may be used by University Police to make announcements in the event of an emergency.

Helpful Links

Enplug FAQs (KB article placeholder)

Telecommunications Request Quote for network cabling

Social Media Guidelines




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