Voice Mail

Available To

Faculty, Staff, and Departments

Service Overview

Allows users to send, receive and manage voice messages through a variety of interfaces.  Voice mail is included as a standard service on all campus desk phones, and there is no additional charge for this service.

Service Details

Voice messages and mailbox settings can be managed in several ways:

  • Through the telephone
    • On-Campus: Dial 51234 and enter your telephone security code (for digital and VoIP phones, press the steady or flashing “voice mail” button).
    • Off-Campus: Dial (562) 985-1234 and enter your telephone number followed by your security code when prompted.
  • Receiving an audio file copy of your voice mail messages in your employee email account via Unified Messaging
  • Online using the Web PhoneManager portal at http://voicemail.csulb.edu

Other commonly used features include:

  • Shared mailboxes for multiple employees sharing a single phone, allowing each employee to access only their own messages
  • Out-of-office greeting
  • Automatic message forwarding
  • Personal operator function

Setting Up Your Mailbox

Before you begin using your new voice mail, you will need to run through a quick and simple setup. You should have been provided with a default password to use for the initial login. If you don't recall what this password is, you can contact your Administrative Services Manager (ASM) or call the campus Operator (press 0 on your campus phone or dial 562-985-4111 from off campus) during business hours Monday through Friday.

Requests and Assistance

  • To reset your voice mail password, click the Request Service button on this page to provide required details.
  • To add, change, or remove existing service, click the Request Service button.  For all other questions and support, contact Telecommunications at extension 5-4480 or ITS-Telecom@csulb.edu.
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