Telephone Service

Available To

Campus community and Callers from the Public Network

Service Overview

Telephone lines and equipment provided for the campus community, but mainly operational departments and employees.

Service Details

Physical Telephones

Analog and digital desk phones, as well as analog lines for alarms, fax machines, etc., are provided through Telecommunications Services.  Further details can be viewed through the following links. If you have any questions or you can’t find the service you need, please contact us at  

Telephone Help

Getting Started with Voice Mail and Telephone Service

Acceptable Use of Telecommunications Services

Telephone Models and Types

Virtual Phones for Remote Work

Also known as a "soft phone," this can be used from off campus to answer calls coming into your campus phone extension. 


  • Installation of the Micollab software application for virtual phone requires administrator access when installing on Windows or Mac computers. 


  • This is a software-based campus telephone extension that can be accessed using a computer and/or mobile device. 
  • Receive and place calls from anywhere with reliable Wi-Fi or mobile phone signal is available.  
  • Virtual phones will be assigned a (562) 985-6XXX campus telephone number, so outbound calls appear to come from campus. 
  • Existing telephone lines of virtual phone users will be configured to have their published extension automatically forward to their new virtual phone. 
  • The virtual phone application Integrates with campus voicemail. Existing telephone users who forward calls to their virtual phone will have a single voicemail box to manage. 
  • Virtual phone users can have the ability to answer department extensions in addition to their own telephone numbers.

Features Not Supported

  • Calls to 911 are not supported on virtual phones.


  • During COVID/safer-at-home period, virtual phones will be offered as a free companion service for any employee who has an active desk phone; standard campus call rates will still apply for off-campus calls.
  • Only one virtual phone will be given at no charge per existing desk phone; if multiple faculty or staff share an office phone and all want virtual phones, one will receive the companion service at no charge and each of the others would request the standalone service at $21/month. 
  • Virtual phones will be available to users without an existing campus telephone at a monthly cost of $21; standard campus call rates will still apply for off-campus calls.

Additional Resources

Physical Phones

Virtual Phones

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