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Service Overview

Multiple web teams across campus provide a varying degree of web services, such as web design, web maintenance, application development and accessibility reviews for web pages and documents.  Sites are backed up each night and the data is stored on redundant systems for backup and recovery purposes.

Service Details

Web Design Services

This entails the creation of a new website and typically includes:

  • Site definition and planning: defining the goals, objectives, and scope of the website
  • Information architecture:  detailing the content and organization of the website
  • Site design:  acquiring the look and feel, the page grid, page design, and overall graphic design standards
  • Site Construction:  the actual creation of the site, including finished html, navigation link structure, and any programming in place, ready for user testing
  • Publishing:  upon approval, the site is published to the live environment

Once live, any ongoing changes or edits are done through the web maintenance process.

Web Maintenance Services

This entails the ongoing maintenance of an existing live site, and typically includes:

  • Content edits
  • Image updates
  • Revisions to current documents
  • Uploading new documents
  • Tabular data revisions
  • Calendar changes
  • Staffing changes and revisions to contact information 

Web Application Development Services

This service entails automating business processes or providing a better web experience that requires more complex coding.  Typically, these services include:

  • A database component for record-keeping
  • Authorization and access controls
  • Both administrative and user roles and functionality
  • Manual or automated communication between users and administrators

A meeting is likely necessary to further discuss your requirements.

Web Accessibility Services

This entails reviews of new and old content or issues related to CSULB such as:

  • Website or page assessments
  • Addressing accessibility issues
  • Document evaluations for accessibility

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