eSignature Service (DocuSign)

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Available To

Faculty and Staff

Service Overview

DocuSign is a self-service tool that allows designated members of the campus to create and route electronic documents for signature.

Service Details

All DocuSign forms sent to recipients with an email address will require the user to login with their Campus ID and password. Encouraged uses of the Docusign tool for University business are outlined below, as well as uses that must be avoided because they pose unnecessary risk to the campus.

Benefits of DocuSign:

  • Legally Binding and Secure: Provides secure delivery of official University documents and is valid and legally binding around the world.
  • Fast and Efficient: eSignature reduces turn-around time, reduces manual staff labor, and provides the opportunity to increase efficiency.
  • Green and Sustainable: Processes can be completely paperless, cutting down on the need for storing copies, mail costs, and imaging.
  • Global and Available 24/7: Provides faculty, students, and staff a secure, effective, and fast way to sign and return documents anytime, anywhere in the world.

Examples of Documents Eligible for DocuSign:

  • Business Forms (Human Resources and Financial Management)
  • Student Forms (Enrollment Services and Student Affairs)
  • Contracts

More Information

Visit the About DocuSign article for more detailed information, such as:

  • Eligibility
  • Usage Options
  • Is DocuSing Right for You?
  • How to Access
  • How to Implement