Phishing Response

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Faculty, Staff, Emeriti, and Students

Service Overview

Phishing refers to online fraud in which one is tricked into revealing personal information for the purpose of identity theft, and is most often performed via email.  Various actions are taken to respond to these types of known and reported phishing attempts targeting campus users.

Service Details

Many actions are performed to help mitigate dangerous phishing attempts, such as

  • Blocking malicious website links from being accessed while on the campus network
  • Tightening email filtering to help prevent similar phishing attempts from arriving in user inboxes
  • Reporting abusive websites to web host companies and other Internet service providers
  • Educating campus victims of phishing attempts so as to prevent future occurrences
  • Posting reported phishing attempts to assist users determine if a suspicious email is a known reported attempt

Suspicious email received in your CSULB email account should be reported to for further analysis.

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