SSL Certificate Service

Available To

Campus technical staff

Service Overview

The California State University system has established a program with InCommon, LLC to enable CSU campuses to distribute security certificates within their respective domains.

Comodo is being used as the issuing Certificate Authority (CA).

These certificates are available, without cost, to CSULB departments for use on CSULB servers.

Service Details

The following Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate types are available:

  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate 
  • Intranet SSL Certificate
  • Multi Domain SSL Certificate
  • Unified Communication SSL Certificate
  • EV SGC SSL Certificate
  • EV SGC Multi Domain SSL Certificate

Obtaining InCommon Certificates

To obtain an InCommon certificate submit a ticket request.  You will need to complete this SSL Certificate Request Form and submit it with your ticket request.  Include a CSR when requesting a new certificate. If requesting to revoke and reissue a certificate, complete the fields for "Renew or Revoke" and "New Certificate".

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Requirements

The public key length must be a minimum of 2048. The common name must match the fully qualified domain name of the website.

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