High Performance Computing (HPC) Environment

Available To

Resarch Faculty, Principle Investigators (PI)

Service Overview

The Central HPC features a robust computing configuration, Tier 3 data center environment, and professional system administration for Faculty and Principal Investigator (PI) research. Unlike legacy, individual computing environments paid for by Faculty or PI and housed locally in unauthorized locations, the Central HPC is purchased and maintained in the campus data center and managed by DoIT technical staff. While this system is available for all Faculty and PI research, Faculty or PIs who invest in the HPC will receive priority to resources they purchased in addition to idle resources that may be available. This is what's known as an Institution/Condo Model.

Service Details

How the HPC Works

The Central HPC environment computes differently than a traditional computer or server. Authorized users will login to the shared environment and utilize a staging area to stage data and submit jobs for the scheduling system. Scheduled jobs will be queued with other Faculty jobs until resources are available and allocated. Jobs will compute on available resources until the job is complete. 

Available Software

The Central HPC has a variety of software applications to support Faculty/PI research. For more information about HPC software, please visit the HPC Software article.

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Support is available Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm. To submit an issue, please email ITS-HPCSupport@csulb.edu and we will respond within 2 business hours. Assistance with formulating computation, code support, or using applications/software is not available from DoIT. We suggest peer support from other Condo Owners.