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University guests, such as prospective students and their family, vendors, alumnus, event participants, and other visitors

Service Overview

The beachnet-guest-access network is for University guests that require temporary WiFi access.

Service Details

For short-term Guest Access, use the Self-Registration to generate a 1-day log-on pass. The steps include: 

  1. In device WiFi settings, connect to the "beachnet-guess-access" network.
  2. Open a browser, or a browser will automatically open, which will then display the campus guest login page.
    • If the guest login page is not visible, try navigating to an unencrypted website, such as
  3. Click on the "Self-register" link in the box on the right-hand side. This will lead you through the process.  
    • Guests are asked to enter a valid email address where the temporary guest WiFi credentials will be sent 

For longer-term Guest Access, a college or department sponsor is required to request either a 1-day, 1 week, 30-day, or 90-day log-in pass. Sponsors are normally department staff organizing events on campus. 

Wireless Security on beachnet-guest-access

The beachnet-guest-access network is NOT an encrypted wireless network. All traffic is sent through the air on radio waves which can be overhead and captured by nearby users. There are no easy ways of detecting other "listeners", so caution and careful use of the Internet is strongly advised.  Always use encrypted websites that begin with https:// when providing any login credentials.

Students, Faculty, and Staff are encouraged to use the beachnet+ network to encrypt all wireless traffic.

Wired Data Outlets with Guest Login

Some data outlets in general-use classrooms and most computer lab laptop stations are configured to use the same login process as beachnet-guest-access. Connect the laptop, then open a web browser to any unencrypted web page off campus. The web browser will then be directed to the login page.

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