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Students, Faculty and Staff

Service Overview

Like eduroam, beachnet+ is a secure wireless network for students, faculty and staff while on campus. Benefits of connecting to beachnet+ and eduroam (unlike beachnet-guess-access) are:  

  • Data is protected by encryption as it passes from a device to a campus wireless access point  
  • No internet browsers are required to sign in 
  • Wireless speeds are much faster than beachnet-guest-access 
  • Most devices connected to beachnet+ will automatically retain credentials without prompting a user to re-enter them, even after periods of inactivity or roaming between locations on campus 

Service Details

eduroam is the preferred network for students, faculty and staff when connecting to wi-fi while on campus for the first time, but beachnet+ is also available for those that are already connecting to it.  For eduroam, you can reference Wi-Fi for Students, Faculty, and Staff.

To connect to beachnet+, you must have a valid 9-digit campus ID number along with your BeachID password.  Each kind of device has a unique way to connect to beachnet+.  You can reference Connecting Your Devices to Wi-Fi and Campus Email for specifically connecting to beachnet+.

You will select the wireless network beachnet+ from your device WiFi settings and perform a one-time configuration; this is when your BeachID credentials will be authenticated. Your device should remember the connection thereafter for as long as your credentials are up-to-date.

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