Service offerings include Telephone Services, Directory Services, Voicemail, Mobile, Call Processing, Billing Info, and E-Fax.

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Services (10)

Telephone Service

Telephone lines and equipment provided for the campus community.

Voice Mail

Available on campus-issued desk telephones with a variety of standard features.

Telephone Directory Services

An array of services to assist the campus community and visitors with searching for people and departments on campus.

Billing Reports and Statements

Monthly billing reports and statements summarizing charges by department, charge type extension and account.

Conference Calling

The University's telephone system can accommodate up to eight parties, four of whom can be off-campus, on one call.

Mobile Devices

Under the direction of the Division of Administration and Finance, ITS assists campus departments with acquiring and coordinating campus approved, University-owned devices.

Request Quote / Project

lnstall telecommunications cable and/or request a quote for telecommunications work.

Electronic Fax

Secure, paperless fax solution that converts and routes inbound faxes to a specified network drive or email address.

Group Answering Features

Meant for areas that need additional ways, including MiCC and ACD, to answer calls or for departments that process large volumes of telephone calls for customer support, reservations, order desks, and other similar operations.

Call Processing

A telephone application that transfers calls to various extensions, voice mailboxes, or voice recordings without the intervention of a human operator.