Accounts and User Access

BeachID Account, Password Management, Single Sign-On, MyCSULB, Faculty Center, Employee Center (Services to establish a CSULB computing identity, obtain and manage a CSULB computing account, and get access to CSULB computing resources)

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Account management including activation, password changes, locked account services.

Employee Center provides a centralized location for accessing your personal information, benefits, leave (vacation and sick) balance, time reporting, and Jobs @ The Beach.

The MyCSULB Student Center provides a "home base" for accessing your student information such as your class schedule, outstanding balance, and contact information.

Faculty Center allows you to view your teaching schedule information, view your class rosters, and submit grades for your classes. Instructors may also have access to student information through Advisement and course information through Class Search.

The campus single sign-on service provides access to commonly used systems including MyCSULB (Student Center), Faculty Center, and Employee Center in one centrally accessible location.

All students, faculty, and staff are required to have a CSULB ID. Your ID card is your official form of identification while a member of the CSULB community.