WiFi Expansion & Improvement Multi-Year Project - Fiscal Year 2017/18


The following list identifies areas on campus that have undergone upgrades of telecommunications cabling and replacement or installation of additional wireless access points (WAPs). 

This is a multi-year project. Learn about progress made in other years:

Fiscal Year 2013/14

Fiscal Year 2014/15

Fiscal Year 2015/16 

Fiscal Year 2016/17

Fiscal Year 2018/19

Fiscal Year 2019/20

Pending Waitlist Areas

This list is in the order work is planned and will continue to be updated as scheduling may change and as work is completed.

(Tip: To find a specific building, in most browsers you can use the “find” feature by simultaneously pressing Ctrl+F and typing in the building name. You can click the table column headings to sort in alphabetical or numerical order.)


Building Area Status
University Music Center "C" area and practice rooms Completed July 2017 
Engineering Technology rooms 113, 115, 117, 241, 243 (239 not included)  Completed July 2017 
Vivian Engineering Center most of the 3rd floor and all of 4th floor Completed July 2017
CBA some specific classrooms Completed August 2017
Vivian Engineering Center  specific rooms Completed September 2017 
Engineering / Computer Science 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors Completed October 2017 
Human Services & Design all areas Completed November 2017  
Hall of Science  most areas Completed December 2017  
Academic Services portions of 1st floor  Completed January 2018  
Vivian Engineering Center most of 1st floor  Completed
Vivian Engineering Center 2nd floor  Completed
Faculty Offices 4 1st and 2nd floors Completed April 2018
Peterson Hall 1 1st floor June 2018


Building Area Status
Brotman Hall outdoor atrium area Completed
VEC/ECS  courtyard Completed October 2017
University Music Center  between A and C areas Completed October 2017 
CPAC/Dance courtyard  Completed October 2017 
Nursing  back patio  Completed October 2017 
CBA  east patios  Completed October 2017 
Kinesiology swimming Pool area Completed November 2017
Hall of Science  north and west portions of building Completed November 2017
Outpost Grill open patio areacom Completed March 2018



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