DoIT Systems Privileged Access Process


Privileged administrative access to Division of Information Technology (DoIT) systems and infrastructure affords University employees the ability to perform actions that may affect mission-critical, campus-wide computing systems, account access, files, data, or user processes.  Privileged administrative access requires approval from DoIT Management and requester's Management as well as requester acknowledgement of roles and responsibilities therein. 

Appropriate and ethical use of University electronic systems and data are outlined in the Acceptable Use of CSULB Electronic Communication Systems and Services,  Additional Roles & Responsibilities for Privileged Account holders are detailed below.

To Grant New Access or to Renew Access:

  1. The person (requestor) requiring the access must complete the User Agreement / Privileged Access Form. The requestor must provide the appropriate administrator/MPP on the form that will be approving their access.
  2. User or area technical coordinator must submit a ticket requesting the specified access type and indicate that an approval of their privileged access request has been submitted.  
  3. will verify if proper approvals have been granted, and confirm access approvals for ticket requests.

(Note: depending on the number of systems being requested, processing time will vary; on average this can take several hours to a day per service after requests are received.)

To Revoke Access:

  1. Area technical coordinator submit a ticket indicating technical coordinator and access that needs to be removed.
  2. To immediately revoke access, the area Administrative Services Manager (ASM) can email indicating the technical coordinator and access that needs to be removed. 


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