1.1 Getting Started with Voice Mail and Telephone Service


The Basics

  1. Get yourself added to the online directory lookup by completing a Telephone Directory request. You will need to know the following:
    1. Employee ID
    2. Title
    3. Email address
    4. Organization you belong to
    5. Telephone extension
    6. Location (building and room number)
    7. Name of your Administrative Services Manager (ASM) or their assistant.
  2. Finding telephone and voice mail instructions is easy. Go to Telephone Help for details.
  3. Set up your voice mailbox. Dial 51234 and enter your security code, then follow the prompts to change your password and record your name and greeting. The default security code is 27852 ("CSULB" on the keypad), but if you are unable to log in using that code, you can visit the Voice Mail service page and select the Request Service button to request a password reset.  Voice mail instructions and general information can be found on the Voice Mail service page.
  4. Send voice mail to your email inbox or listen to them online with your computer. Go online (https://voicemail.csulb.edu) and log in using your mailbox number (typically the same as your extension) and your voice mail security code to use Web Phone Manager (WPM). You can listen to messages with headphones or speakers, or you can direct the system to call your extension and listen through your telephone. Campus voice mail also offers a service called unified messaging (UM) which allows employees to have their voice messages forwarded to any @csulb.edu email address. See Web Phone Manager Unified Messaging Setup for more details and instructions.

Informative Tips and Service Features

  1. Look up people, campus extension numbers, and departments with ease. Make a shortcut to the online lookup on your computer's desktop. Go to the online Campus Directory Search page, and with the mouse, do a right click anywhere on the webpage to open the options box. Click on Create Shortcut. Having quick access to the lookup tool with the desktop shortcut will accelerate the time it takes for you to look up employees and departments on campus. Be sure to take a look at the Tips on Searching. Alternatively, you could easily save the page to your browser's favorites/bookmarks.

    Screenshot of the online Campus Directory Search page
  2. Telephone Detail Statements are distributed electronically.  On approximately the 15th of each month, ITS emails a detail statement to all employees who have been specified as a primary user of an extension by their department. This statement lists the time and date, number called, duration, and charge amount for each call made during the previous month. Please note this statement is not a bill. The university is required by California law to distribute these statements to employees so that they have the necessary information to reimburse the university for any personal calls. For your department's reimbursement policies, contact your Administrative Services Manager. See Telephone Call Detail Statement FAQs for more information.
  3. Reach people on campus using the SpeechAttendant.  An alternative way of connecting with others is to call extension 54111 or (562) 985-4111 from off-campus. It will ask you to state the name of the person or department you wish to reach. If you call during normal business hours, and find that the system has any difficulty connecting your call, it will redirect you to the campus operator for assistance. The SpeechAttendant is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to help you self-connect to the department, program, or person you're trying to reach. State the name as clearly as possible, and your call will be routed immediately.



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IMPORTANT NOTE: Directory update requests (i.e., job title and location edits) are no longer being accepted due to system changes that render such edits void. All directory information is gradually being supplied directly by Human Resources employee records. If you wish to update or correct your record: -Refer to your hiring department for updating your department or title. -Refer to Preferred Name Change Process for Employees: https://csulb.teamdynamix.com/TDClient/1993/Portal/KB/ArticleDet?ID=86166 Telephone directory records synchronize with Human Resource related systems, the Address Book (GAL) in Outlook, and the campus 911 system.
Telephone lines and equipment provided for the campus community, including Microsoft Teams Calling.