4.1 Telephone Models and Types


These telephone types are available when requesting new service. If your office prefers to match new telephone sets with existing types, simply request the specific model/type on the Telecommunications work order when filling in the installation details. Please be aware that analog sets and digital sets are not interchangeable. This means if an analog phone is currently in use, only an analog phone can be installed without any changes to the phone line; so if a digital phone is requested, the phone line must be specially serviced to work with a digital phone.

Digital Phone example image

Model: DBC213 (Digital)

Recurring charge - $34

Analog phone digital example

 Model: Aastra 9110 (Analog)

Recurring charge - $21

Where to Get Additional Help

For service or other general inquiries, contact ITS Telecommunications at x54480 or ITS-Telecom@csulb.edu



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