ITS-Web Development Center (WDC) Document Accessibility Compliance and Remediation Support Process



This process describes the typical support flow for departments requiring assistance with creating and updating Accessible electronic documents.  This process assumes department staff have attended Accessibility 101 training provided by ITS or have this knowledge already. A department may become aware of documents or forms requiring remediation either by conducting their own inventory and assessment or by having received reports from outside the department about non-compliance.

General Guidelines

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro is a campus standard and available to all employees.
  • PDFs should be used for fillable forms that need to be completed by end users, printed and/or signed.
  • HTML is the preferred format for most content.
  • Complex forms may be better suited as HTML web pages.


  1. Create/Remediate: Content authors are responsible for creating Accessible documents using the Document Accessibility for Web (PDF).
  2. Submit: When the document is believed to meet accessibility standards, a request to WDC can be submitted. WDC will assess the compliance of the document and may advise the submitter of specific findings requiring further remediation.
  3. Help: Some documents or forms may be more sophisticated and complex than average, so additional technical assistance may be in order. If this is the case, WDC can provide direct document remediation assistance, whereby WDC will require an original Word document (if available) as a starting point to create an accessible version. Completion time will vary depending on current workload and the level of complexity of a document. Average completion time is approximately one week.


Accessible Technology Initiative


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