Office 365 & CSULB Support Framework


Office 365 - Technical Support for Office 365 Features, Functions, & Applications

CSULB Division of IT, in collaboration with Academic Technology Services and campus technology coordinators, supports all Microsoft Office 365 features, functions, and applications implemented for the campus community. In delivering Microsoft's O365 services, we aim to provide support for the most commonly used applications, features, and functions. The information below details the support scope currently provided.

For any O365 feature, function, or application, if we are unable to resolve the issue, we can open a case with Microsoft O365 directly for further troubleshooting/support.

Full Support

For Full Support, we will help work through issues that may occur with the software. Our team may have access to training and documentation on the use of the software in question.

Abridged Support

For items not fully supported, we will be glad to help the best we can and learn with you along the way. We can refer you to tutorials and documentation, and assist with web searches that will lead you in the right direction.



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