Configuring Mac Mail and iCal for CSULB Email


Purpose: Identify the process for configuring a mail profile within Mac Mail to work with the CSULB Microsoft Exchange email system.

Requirements: Before configuring the Mail client on Mac you must first either be "hard wired" into the campus domain, connected the wireless campus --domain network, or connected to the Internet from home.

Password Setup (if you are new to campus): If you have not already activated your password, please do so first ( Also, be aware that whenever you update your password, you will have to update your password on your mobile device as well.

Username and Password: Please use your campus email address ( for students and for employees) and password.

Please note that if there is already a mail profile configured you will need to see the section of this document entitled What to do if I already have an Email Profile setup.

Uninstall/Delete an Email Account

See the article Delete an email account in Outlook for Mac.

Configuring Mac Mail

To begin the setup process, double click the Mail Icon.

MacMail Icon

This will launch the Mail application and begin the setup process.

Enter your Full Name, (for students) or (for emloyees) Email Address, and you Password. Press the Continue button.

Add account dialog, fill in information

Provided all information was entered properly and you are connected to the network you will be given a confirmation screen.

Account Summary Information Screen

Once you click the Create button you will be given the detailed setup information.

Account Information

Configuring iCal

Note: When Mac Mail is configured with and @csulb account iCal will use those settings to automatically connect to your MS Exchange Mailbox Calendar. These instructions are for people who wish to connect their iCal application to their Exchange Calendar without having a mail profile configured.

Start iCal by clicking the icon shown below.

iCal icon

Go to the iCal menu and choose Preferences.

iCal menu, preferences

Under Preferences choose the Accounts Tab, then click the + to add a new account.

Fill in your associated @csulb account information using your Email address and your @csulb password. Click the Create button.

Add an account dialog

This will take you back to the iCal settings screen. Close this screen and verify you now have connectivity to your Exchange Calendar.


What to do if I already have another mail profile configured

If you already have a mail profile configured follow these instructions to add an addition mail profile to your system. In this example a Gmail account is already configured for use with Mac Mail. We will add the MS Exchange @csulb account to be used in addition to the Gmail account.

Open Mac Mail

MacMail icon

In the Mac Mail program got to Mail > Preferences.

MacMail, Mail Menu, Preferences

Once in preferences you will see the account that is already configured for the Mail program.

MacMail accounts

In order to add an additional Mail profile click the + button.

You will now be required to enter the information for your @csulb Mail Account.

Fill in account information

Click Continue to go to the final step.

Provided all information was entered properly and you are connected to the network you will be given a confirmation screen.

Account Summary

Click Create to finalize the Mail Account setup.

Now you will have access to both Mail Accounts within the Mail interface. Note in the example below access to both Gmail and @csulb mail is possible.

Navigation Pane, more than one account



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