Global Protect Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Specific CSU Applications


Limited Use-Case

The Chancellor's Office is requiring use of their specific Global Protect VPN and version for a suite of their applications.  Global Protect cannot be connected to two endpoints at the same time, so anyone connected to the CSULB Global Protect VPN will need to disconnect and reconnect to the CO's Global Protect VPN when accessing these services.  The following instructions describe how to connect to the CO's VPN.

Applications Affected:

  • Academic personnel and student enrollment reporting tools like Academic Planning Database (APDB)
  • Enrollment Reporting System (ERS)
  • Fiscal Operations and Budget tools like Cash Management Operations (CMO)
  • Employee Salary Projection System (ESP)
  • Financial Information Record Management System (FIRMS)
  • Other planning and reporting tools like Grievance and Arbitration (GRARB), Academic Calendar Database (ACAL), Space and Facilities Planning Database (SFDB), University Advancement Database (UADB), and Academic Degrees and Transfer (ADT)

Applications that still require Cisco Anyconnect VPN:

  • All non-production instances of Common Finance System (CFS), campus solutions (CS), and CMS Human Resources (HR).

First Time Setup:

  1. Launch Global Protect GlobalProtect connection window
  2. Click on the three bars in the upper right-hand corner. 3 bars in upper right-hand corner highlighted
  3. Select Settings Settings option
  4. Select Add and enter for portal address. Click Save GlobalProtect settings window

How to Use:

  1. Launch Global Protect. Note: if you're connecting to CSU applications while off-campus, you may need to disconnect to Global Protect if you're connected to the campus.  GlobalProtect connection window
  2. Click on the dropdown to select the CSU Portal Address when you need to connect to any of the CSU services that require VPN. Connection options for portal
  3. Select as the portal to connect to.
  4. Select Long Beach and log in with your campus credentials.

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