2.2 Telephone Billing Summary Reports



On approximately the 15th of each month, ITS-Telecom emails a call detail statement to all employees who have been specified as a primary user of a campus extension by their department.  Shortly after this report is emailed out, various summary reports are posted to CSLink for ASMs and fiscal coordinators to access online through SSO (Single Sign On). In addition to the five summary reports available through CSLink, there are three detail oriented reports shown immediately below.

  • LBTLRUDS01 - Telecom Detail Statement - CCO
  • LBTLRUDS02 - Telecom Detail Statement - User
  • LBTLRUES01 - Telecom User Expense Summary - PDF

The CCO version of the detail statement includes all extensions assigned to a DeptID, while the User version contains only those records that include an EmplID. The third report, ending with PDF, is a higher level detail report with totals broken out by the extension number that incurred the charge. This report was designed to assist fiscal staff and managers researching how Telecom charges were derived for the month in question.


1: What are these telecom charges I see in my CFS reports?

The telecom amounts in the CFS report indicate your department’s telephone or mobile usage, and telecom work order charges for any given month. Charges may include equipment, line access, mobile, work order, local calls, toll calls, and credits may include personal reimbursements made by employees. Each extension number within a department has its own set of charges, and is usually assigned to a person or purpose within your office area.

2: My area has a lot of DeptIDs. Where can I find a summary report?

The summary reports include your department’s amount/quantity of telephone usage for any given month. These reports are distributed monthly on CSLink accessible through SSO (Single Sign On). These reports contain information from the department, College/Area, or Division as a whole and reflect various charges. Summary reports are only accessible to employees who have been assigned as cost center owners, described in the next FAQ. These are the summary reports available in CSLink:

  • LBTLRSUM01 - Telecom Communication Summary - Division
  • LBTLRSUM02 - Telecom Communication Summary - College/Area
  • LBTLRSUM03 - Telecom Communication Summary - Main Department
  • LBTLRSUM04 - Telecom Communication Summary - Department
  • LBTLRSUM05 - Telecom Communication Summary - Account

3: I am a new ASM. How do I get my reports?

The following report describes a tree diagram of cost centers and tree nodes (DeptID, Main Dept, College/Area, and Division) in the telecom billing system. The employees listed are cost center owners with their respective employee IDs and department names. Changes to cost center owners can be requested through a Billing Reports and Statements request, and please explain what DeptIDs or tree nodes you want to change to allow yourself access in CSLink.a tree diagram of cost centers and tree nodes in the telecom billing system

4: What is the best way to get reports to departmental fiscal coordinators?

Each cost center and tree node (DeptID, Main Dept, College/Area, and Division) is assigned to a staff member within that department, and these staff members can see all charges within that level. Each DeptID can be assigned to a different staff member, who will only see reports for that DeptID. As an ASM or higher level fiscal manager, you should be able to access the report called LBTLRCCO01 - Telecom Cost Center Owner Update in CSLink. It can be used as a guide to help you decide what changes to request by submitting a Billing Reports and Statements request.

5: What if I want more Main Department tree nodes to help identify and organize groups of DeptIDs?

Telecommunications systems reflect the accounting structure in CFS. If you wish to change the DeptID or tree node structure, please contact Financial Management.


For other questions, please call Telecommunications @ x54480 or email its-telecom@csulb.edu.



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