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This service allows users to compose and send an email broadcast in a CSULB-approved template and access basic analytics about the broadcast.  Primary service aspects include a mail job work flow tool and built-in reporting.



  • Division of IT will provide introductory user training
  • Basic metrics/reporting to help you make better communication and marketing decisions
  • Supports the creation of web accessible content when using approved templates, email headers, and following web accessibility best practices.
  • Built-in work flow process to minimize errors


No cost for this campus-provided service.

Conditions for Use of the Service

  • Must only be used to support department/college business operations
  • Must agree to create and use an email/newsletter template that complies with University Branding; you may be referred to Strategic Communications for a template consultation.
  • Must agree to use a standard email header template, which are available for download. Custom email headers may also be created upon request by Strategic Communications
  • DoIT will not provide template customization support.  If customization is required, customers may seek assistance from their local technical support or web developer, since customization involves expert knowledge of HTML.  DoIT may facilitate communication between user and Maestro software vendor if necessary.  Maestro support is during normal business hours Central Time.
  • Each account user must sign a Privileged Access form if campus email contacts are provided by DoIT (specifically for Email Distribution Access), which is only offered on a limited basis and with Division Vice President authorization.
  • Communications must comply with CAN-SPAM Act provisions.  Namely, if communications are considered "commercial," you must provide email subscribers the option to opt-out of your communications.  Please note: when subscribers opt-out of your email list(s), it affects subscription with all of your department account lists.
  • Must agree to ensure communications follow the University standards for Web Accessibility.  Account users must review and attend a Web and Document Accessibility training session if they have not already done so.  On the training page, please refer to:
    • Introduction to Web Accessibility
    • Document Accessibility for CSULB Employees
    • Accessibility Open Lab for CSULB Employees

To Request Service

To request a CSULB department Maestro account, please submit a Request on the Email Marketing Software service page to initiate the process.  You will have an opportunity to see a demonstration of the tool before deciding if it suits your department needs.

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