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Constant Contact is a web-based email marketing software application which can support the business needs of campus colleges and departments as it relates to sending targeted emails to large groups of people and where there is a need for reporting.  Email communications can be personalized for individuals in email groups and can be scheduled to be sent on specific dates and times.



  • User-friendly tool with vast self-help Knowledge Base provided by Constant Contact
  • Meaningful metrics/reporting to help you make better communication and marketing decisions
  • Up to 10 authorized users per department account with configurable role-based settings
  • Supports the creation of more web accessible content
  • Manually import and manage your own email contact lists


The Division of IT (DoIT) maintains a University account known as a Partner account.  By obtaining a sub-account with DoIT, college and department accounts can take advantage of a 30% price discount compared to purchasing the services directly with Constant Contact. See the Constant Contact Pricing Sheet.

Conditions for Use of the Service

  • Must only be used to support department/college business operations
  • Must agree to create and use a template that complies with University Branding; you may be referred to Strategic Communications for a template consultation.
  • By default, communications via Constant Contact must include the opt-out option so recipients (“subscribers”) can elect to stop receiving your messages.  Please note: when subscribers opt-out of your department list(s), it affects subscription with all of your department account lists.
  • Must agree to ensure communications follow the University standards for Web Accessibility.  Account users must review and attend a Web and Document Accessibility training session.  On the training page, refer to these specific resources:
    • Introduction to Web Accessibility
    • Document Accessibility for CSULB Employees
    • Accessibility Open Lab for CSULB Employees
  • Must agree to have your templates pre-screened for a web accessibility review.

To Request Service

To request a CSULB department Constant Contact account, please submit a Request on the Email Marketing Software service page to initiate the process.


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