Employee Clearance Process (State Employees)

How to use the Clearance Process

Department and college business officers will follow the steps outlined below to clear all state employees. Please note, although all state employees will be cleared through this process, the Clearance Form is not intended to be used for immediate termination of services.

Step 1:

Log in to the Campus Single Sign-On (SSO) system and click on the Employee Clearance chiclet. Only designated employees responsible for clearing employees will have access to this chiclet. To request access, please open a ticket.

Clearance Chiclet

Step 2:

Enter the Campus ID of the employee clearing the University in the text box.

Clearance Search Page


Step 3:

Confirm the information about the employee who is clearing. If the employee is inactive in the Common Management System (CMS) or is a student employee, you’ll need to manually select the Administrative Services Manager (ASM) from the drop down menu.

Clearance Results Page


Step 4:

Select the Last Physically Worked Date

Clearance Form Last Day Worked


Step 5:

Select the Separation date, and then select Submit.

Clearance Page Separation Date


You’ll be presented with the following page, which you can initiate another employee clearance.

Clearance Page End


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