Shared Mailboxes (CSULB Email)


Also known as a shared account, a shared mailbox is an individual email account that is usually shared among several people.  The purpose of a shared mailbox is to provide a central email account for a specific business purpose, often with the intent of several people being able to access and manage the account. When a person in the group replies to a message sent to the shared mailbox, the reply appears to come from the shared address, not from the individual person. You can also use the shared mailbox as a shared team calendar.

This article provides information about how to access Microsoft Exchange shared mailboxes after it has been created and you are given the access.

How to Access 

Shortcut Method

To access your shared mailbox, you can type in the following base web address using the name of the account: Mailbox Address

For example:

At the login screen you must enter the full email address of your personal CSULB account and Campus ID password.  After successfully logging in, you will be directed into the designated shared mailbox.

Benefits of using this method:

  • This is the prescribed method of accessing a shared account on a mobile device (smart phone).
  • Handy to use this as a bookmark saved on your browser.
  • Sent Items/Threading will be handled cleanly within the shared mailbox (as opposed to using your desktop email client, such as Outlook).
  • You can use any specifically created email signatures of the shared mailbox.

Outlook on the Web (O365)

When you are already signed into your personal CSULB account, you can access your shared mailboxes by doing the following.

  1. In the upper-right corner, select the your profile / My account icon which displays as your first and last name initials. Profile menu showing option to Open another mailbox
  2. Select the "Open another mailbox" options
  3. This will then open a new "Open another mailbox" window where you type in the full shared mailbox address and select Open.Open another mailbox dialog box showing an example of a typed shared mailbox

Benefits of Using this Method:

  • You can access your shared mailbox(es) while you are already logged into your O365 personal email account.

Within Your Outlook Desktop Client

If you use an Outlook email client on your desktop, your shared mailboxes will be available to you automatically on the left navigation pane window.  Shared mailboxes will be located below all the folders of your personal CSULB mailbox.

Benefits of Using this Method:

  • If you have access to multiple shared mailboxes, you can see and access all of them from your personal account

Note: if you have "send-as" rights to send emails from your shared mailbox, be sure that the "From" address on your emails is the desired "From" address.


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