How to Enable Folder Sharing on the Local Chromebook Folder to the SVL Virtual Desktop

Recommend VMware Horizon Client for Chrome version 5.1.1 or later 

  • Source: Chrome Web Store (note: search for Horizon Client)


1.  Install VMware Horizon Client for Chrome version 5.1.1 or later

2. Launch VMware Horizon Client

3. Click on the ‘+’ symbol to add Connection Server, VMware Horizon client configuration screen

4.  Logon with your credential and double check the logon domain is CAMPUS-DOMAIN VMware Horizon client configuration screen showing domain as campus-domain

5. Click on the Gear icon to bring up the Setting dialog. Turn on the Enable Folder Sharing and click on Select button. VMware Horizon client settings showing enable folder sharing option

6. Click on the desired local folder on the Chromebook, then click on the Open button. Then, confirm by clicking on the Ok button.  Then click on the Close button to exit out of the Setting dialog. Chromebook local folders

7. Launch your desired Virtual Lab.  Your selected local folder will be the Network Drive (Z:) on the SVL virtual desktop.


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