How to Create Vacation / Out of Office Message

Your CSULB provided email account includes an Automatic Replies feature. This is typically used when going on vacation or if you will be unavailable to reply to messages for a set duration of time.

Note that you can create a unique message for individuals inside of the CSULB organization and a separate message for non-CSULB members, which is enabled by default.  You may also choose to send this automatic reply only to your contacts.

For Outlook Online (OWA)

To create this out of office message, follow the instructions below after signing into your Single-Sign-On portal and accessing your respective email account:

  • Select the "gear" icon located in the upper right-hand corner to invoke the Settings menu
  • Click inside the Search Outlook Settings bar and enter the keyword "Automatic" to reveal and select the Automatic Replies option
  • Toggle the "Turn on automatic replies" button and designate the time period to remain active
  • Create your custom message to be automatically sent upon receiving an email message

To learn more about setting up an automatic message, visit the Microsoft article Automatic replies (formerly Out of Office assistant).  

For the Outlook desktop application

To set up automatic replies within the Outlook desktop application, visit the Microsoft article Send automatic out of office replies from Outlook.


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