How to Create Inbox Rules

As a mailbox account feature, you are able to create inbox rules which can take a variety of different actions depending on selected parameters. This article will provide instructions and enable you to create an inbox rule and designate an action, such as delete or redirect certain messages into a specific folder upon receipt. Follow the steps listed below after accessing your respective CSULB email account available via Single Sign-On:

  • Select the 'cog' icon located near the upper right-hand corner to invoke the Settings menu
  • In the search bar, enter the keyword 'Rules' and select "Inbox rules" from the list of filtered options
  • From the floating Rules menu, select "Add new rule" to begin defining rule parameters
  • Enter a name for the rule, then select the condition (e.g. Has attachment, or Apply to all messages)
  • If selecting a condition such as "From" or "Subject includes", you must enter the appropriate information in the adjacent dialog box to complete the condition
  • Under "Add an action", select the desired action (e.g. Move to, Forward to, Delete)
  • If selecting a condition such as Move, or Forward to, you must select the folder or enter the email address in the adjacent dialog box to complete the action
  • Click Save to enable the rule
Note: You may designate multiple conditions and actions per rule and add exceptions.

Be advised, the option "Stop processing more rules" is selected by default. When left enabled, this setting permits only this rule to process emails which meet the conditions set therein the rule. To learn more about this setting, click the following link:


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