Online Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) Checklist Basics for Requestors

For all Information & Communication Technology (IT) purchases, the department/college "Requestor" creates a ticket in TeamDynamix (TDX) using the online E&IT Checklist.

Before You Start

  1. The first step in the ICT procurement process is to obtain authorization from your ASM or authorized designee to purchase.
  2. For each ICT purchase, save all documents required for the purchase in one place to help you facilitate retrieval and attachment to the ticket request. 


The online E&IT Checklist form can be accessed in the following ways, which will require your campus login:

  • The Purchase to Pay (P2P) website for Technology by accessing the "ICT Procurement Compliance Review (PCR) Process" link. 
  • The SSO Forms chiclet under Financial Management - Procurement & Contractual Services section (also at Forms chiclet / button available in single sign on Shows the Financial Management Procurement and Contractual Services section of the Forms site highlighting the Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) checklist
  • The ICT Procurement Compliance Review (PCR) service page by clicking the "Request Service" button (also at Procurement Compliance Review (PCR) Process service page showing the Request Service button
    • Once the form has been accessed, the link to the form can be saved as a favorite. 

Creating an ICT Purchase Ticket

  • Access the E&IT form as noted above for each ICT procurement product or service requested.
  • Review the fields in the ticket before you submit a ticket. Note the required fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed, otherwise you will not be able to successfully submit the request.  Anywhere there are messages in red, information must be entered.
  • Consult with your college or department’s IT Technical Coordinator for help understanding or answering questions correctly, if you are uncertain.  Accurate and complete answers are important to the process.
  • If the purchase will be done on a requisition, then include the requisition number or refer to the ticket number in the comments of the requisition. 
  • Additional Contact(s), such as your ASM, IT Coordinator, or supervisor, can be added to the ticket to notify them automatically by e-mail that the ticket was submitted. The additional contacts field on the form
  • Any applicable documents must be attached to the ticket to expedite the evaluation of your request (i.e., quote, VPAT, EEAAP, Contract, etc.).  You can upload all files at once at the bottom of the request.  This can be done in lieu of attaching documents to the requisition.  Just refer to the ticket number in the header comments of the requisition. the attachments section at the bottom of the form
  • Once the form is successfully completed, press the Request button.
    • If you are unable to successfully submit the ticket, make sure you have entered information into all the required fields marked with an asterisk.  You may see messages in red that are missing information. examples of required fields, such as purchase type and product or service name
  • An automatic email notification will be sent to Purchasing, the Requestor, the technical coordinator selected, and any ‘Additional Contact(s)’ you've added. 
  • Purchasing will review your request and route for further procurement compliance, if required (i.e., accessibility, security, technical coordination).
  • Once the ICT product or service is reviewed, you will receive an email from Purchasing via the ticketing system notifying you of the disposition of your request.

Checking the Status of Your Submitted Tickets

The Requestor and ‘Additional Contacts’ can view and track the progress of the ticket via the “View My Ticket Requests” button on the upper left of the IT Help page. 

Learn more at How to Search for Your Ticket Requests to Check on Status.

Resources and Contacts

  • ICT Procurement Compliance Review (PCR) Process service page (also at provides information and links regarding Accessible Technology compliance and information classification for Security.
  • ICT Procurement: or (562) 985-4296 and 
  • Division of IT / ITS Procurement Compliance: (562) 985-8929 or (562) 985-5459
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