Constant Contact Learning Resources and References

The Constant Contact web site has a variety of in-depth tutorials that explain how to use the system and its components. These are some of the most relevant tutorials for learning how to use the service.

Introductory Tutorials

Tutorial Description
Quick Start Guides Overview of Constant Contact and its use.

Managing Contact Lists - Tutorials

Tutorial Description
Getting Started with Contacts General overview of the Contacts tool within Constant Contact
Importing a List Instructions on how to properly format a file before importing into Constant Contact, how to set up your column headings in a spreadsheet you'll be importing, how to check for errors, and more.
Customizing Your Join My Mailing List Form Information about creating a mailing list form that gives your customers newsletter options. Describes how to download the online mailing list form, modify it, add newsletter options for people to choose to receive, and collect info from new subscribers.
QuickImport for Microsoft Outlook How to import contacts from Microsoft Outlook using Constant Contact's downloadable QuickImport utility. (Not developed by Webster University Information Technology)Note: You can also manually export contacts from Outlook without the QuickImport utility.

Managing Contact Lists - User Guides

Guide Description
Importing or uploading a file of contact email addresses Text-based instruction on exporting contacts from various email clients and importing these into Constant Contact.
Adding and Updating Contacts

Detailed instructions on adding and updating contacts, including how these should be formatted

Creating and Modifying Email Messages - Tutorials

Tutorial Description
Editing Your Email Detailed instructions for using the edit email toolbar, including how to modify content blocks, colors and fonts, adding images, and more
Footer Options Discusses options available on the Footer Options page. Here you can select whether to allow recipients to update their profile/email address and also whether to include a comment box for a recipient to include a reason if they choose to unsubscribe from future mailings
Global Colors and Fonts Detailed instructions about modifying the global colors and fonts options (what will be used as default for your email message)
Insert Anchor Tags Instructions on how to include anchor tags in your email message. This term will be more familiar to those who have HTML experience, but an anchor tag will allow you to insert a link in your email message that will bring the reader to another section in that same email message that you specify. For instance, you will often see this used in longer emails where there will be a link at the end of a section allowing the user to click on it to be taken back to the top of the page
Using Images and Documents in MyLibrary Demonstrates how to use the Library tool to store common images and documents that you may use on a regular basis in your outgoing emails.



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