How to find MAC addresses for Windows, Apple and mobile Operating Systems

Regardless of manufacturer and operating system, every device with Wi-Fi connectivity capabilities has a unique Media Access Controller, also known as a MAC address. The MAC address follows the format below:


Be advised, this device information is used during the connectivity process with all wireless networks, such as beachnet+. If you are unable to connect with any campus wireless network, the Technology Help Desk (THD) may request you provide this information for further troubleshooting assistance. To locate this device information, follow the navigation instructions below for various operating systems and devices.

Note: Windows 10 devices may support a "Random hardware addresses" setting, which prevents successful connection to CSULB wireless networks. To learn more about this setting and how to disable it, click the following link:

Finding your MAC address

Windows 10:

1. Open the Settings app and select the "Network & Internet" option

Windows 10 Settings window with Network & Internet option call out

2. Select Wi-Fi from the right-hand column and click "Hardware properties"

Windows 10 Settings with Wi-Fi and Hardware Properties call out

3. Near the bottom, you will find the line "Physical address (MAC):"

Windows 10 Wi-Fi Hardware Properties with Physical Address call out

MAC Operating System:

1. Click the Apple icon in the top-left corner and select "System Preferences".

2 3086771501763789

2. Select "Network".

3 3086771501763809

3. Select the Wi-Fi interface option from the left-hand column and click "Advanced" in the bottom right corner.

MacOS Network Preferences with Wi-Fi and Advanced setting calls outs

4. Under the default Wi-Fi section, the MAC address will be listed as "Wi-Fi address:"

MacOS Wi-Fi settings with Wi-Fi Address call out

Apple iOS:

1. Find and open the "Settings" app.

2. Select "General".

3. Select "About".

4. The Mac address is listed as "Wi-Fi Address".


1. Access “Settings” and tap on “Connections” (or WiFi and networks) option.

Android Settings page with Connections option call out
2. Tap "About Phone" option.

Android Connections settings with About Phone option call out
3. Select "Status"

About Phone settings with "Status" option call out

4. Locate your device's MAC address within Status information

Android Status page with Wi-Fi MAC address call out

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