How to Resolve Student Center 'Not Authorized' Error

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When accessing your respective Student Center, you may encounter an issue with the error message depicted below:

Screenshot of Student Center "Not Authorized" error message.

Be advised, you have encountered this problem because your browser is remembering information from a portal you used to check your application status and/or a website you've visited in the past that uses the same system we use at CSULB. 

  1. To resolve this issue, please clear your cookies and cache as this is the root cause of this error.
  2. After that is completed, close your browser and access your Student Center again.

If you are unfamiliar with clearing this browser information, click the following link for instructions on how to do so: Clear Your Web Browser's Cache, Cookies, and History

Alternatively, you can try to access your Student Center using a different browser or start a private browsing session.


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