How to Add CSULB E-Mail to Outlook Mobile Application

Accessing your CSULB E-Mail account is available via the Microsoft mobile Outlook application. To begin your mobile E-Mail productivity, you will first need to install the official Microsoft Outlook application from the respective app store. The link below will direct you to the download page for Apple and Android operating systems.

For navigational intent and purposes, the following instructions will depict the iOS mobile experience. For other operating systems and devices, click the link provided below for Microsoft provided support and instructions:

Microsoft Outlook Mobile for iOS

  1. After downloading the Outlook application from the 'App Store', open the application to begin configuration.

Outlook Result from iOS App Store Interface


  1. Upon opening, you will be immediately prompted to provide your CSULB E-mail address in the following format:

Note: Capitalization not required

Outlook Add Account Configuration Page


  1. Providing your CSULB E-Mail address will redirect you to sign-in via Office365. This will require you to sign-in with your campus email address and BeachID account password

Office365 Powered by OKTA Sign-in page with provided username and password


  1. If successful, you will be presented with the introductory wizard, which provides user-interface design elements of the Outlook application

User interface introduction wizard after successful log-in


  1. Lastly, you will be prompted to enable mailbox notifications.

Note: Notifications can be managed via settings.

Enable notifications prompt

To learn more about other CSULB Microsoft Office365 services, click the link provided below: 


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