IT Help Tickets: How to Search for Your Ticket Requests to Check on Status

If you submit tickets using the IT Help ticketing system, you may be interested in knowing the ongoing status of your tickets where you are listed as the Requestor.  Most often, you may be listed as the requestor of a ticket if you a) submitted the ticket yourself, or b) if someone opened a ticket on your behalf (i.e., by your college/department IT Coordinator) and listed you as the requestor of the service or issue.

Please note: You will be required to log in to the IT Help system using your usual BeachID and password credentials to access your tickets.

Access the IT Help Ticketing System/Website

Email Notifications

When you open a ticket, you will receive an automatic email about the ticket along with links to view the ticket.  You can keep these emails for easy, direct access to your tickets. 

Single Sign-On 

You can easily access the homepage of the IT Help website by clicking on the IT Help chiclet/button in SSO

Type or Save the IT Help Web Page URL

You can type these into your browser's address bar or bookmark (add to favorites) it in your browser:

Searching for Your Tickets

  1. Once you're on the IT Help home page, click on the View My Ticket Requests button on the left of the page.Screenshot of the IT Help homepage showing the View My Ticket Requests button

  1. Once you're on the search page​​​​​​, you should see a list of your tickets if they are currently active.  This means any ticket requests you have created or which list you as the requester.  By default, any tickets with a status as New, In Process, On Hold will be listed. Screenshot of the Ticket Request search page


  1. You can further refine your search by using the various options and clicking on the Search button.  For example, if you wish to find tickets in other statuses, such as Completed, you can click on the Status Class field's drop-down list to select other statuses or unselect the default statuses. Screenshot of the Status Class field's drop-down options


Checking Status

When you see your list of tickets, you can click on the ticket(s) you wish to learn more about.  You will be taken to the ticket, where you can read about the ticket and the current status.  

To comment on your ticket, you have the option to do this toward the bottom of the page of your ticket in the Feed section.  You can select the Comment button to enter your comments and notify relevant parties.  By default, all parties/individuals associated with the ticket are available for selection if you wish to include an email notification of your comment, which is recommended.

Picture of the Comment button

To complete your comment, you must select the Update button.

Adding Attachments

Adding attachments after you have submitted a ticket is accomplished by clicking on the "Add Attachment" button when you are viewing your ticket.

screenshot highlighting the location of the Add Attachments button


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