Two-Step Verification (Duo) - Add or Remove Device


After setting up a mobile device or activating a token for Two-Step Verification, you may need to add or remove the device(s). Use the following instructions to add or remove a device from the Two-Step Verification system

Add a Device

Remove a Device

How to Add a Device

1. Log in to CSULB Single Sign-On,, and click a service chiclet that requires Two-Step Verification, such as CFS.

CFS chiclet in SSO


2. On the Two-Step Verification dialog box that displays, click the Settings button.On the Two-Step screen, click on settings.

duo main screen


3.  Choose the appropriate device-change selection as follows:

  • Select Add a new device  OR
  • To delete a device, click My Settings & Devices.

Duo settings screen

4.  Before adding or deleting a device, you’ll be prompted to log in to the campus system with Two-Step Verification (using your Duo Mobile App on a currently registered mobile device or your token). Authenticating with Two-Step Verification confirms your identity and permission to add and delete devices.


5.  After completing the Two-Step log in process, follow the prompts through a series of dialog boxes that displays to add or delete a device.

  • To add a device, select which device type you’re adding, then follow prompts in subsequent dialog boxes, specifying new device information as indicated until completing the process.


Duo add a device

  • To delete a device, click the gear next to the device you want to remove and follow prompts in subsequent dialog boxes to complete device deletion.

duo remove a device

You'll be presented with options to rename or remove the device.

Remove or rename a device


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