High Performance Computing (HPC) Service Level Agreement for Condo Owners

Service Description

The Division of IT will provide hosting and administration, firewall, and TSM backup services in support of the HPC environment.  Data Center environmental elements include HVAC, Uninterrupted Power Supply, and staff and video monitoring.

Timeframe/Duration of Service

Faculty/PIs who purchase nodes for the Central HPC will have access to equivalent purchased resources for a 10-year period, with full ownership of the Condo for the first 5 years and diminishing resources (reduced 20% per year) each year thereafter until the 10th year. Condo owners will continue their HPC access as Guests in the 11th year, unless they reinvest into another Condo. This two-part, structured arrangement is designed to ensure the DoIT Data Center meets a critical requirement that all equipment must be maintained under manufacturer warranty or support. Because Faculty/PI purchased compute nodes will be under manufacturer warranty based on a 5-year life-cycle, DoIT will assume transfer of equipment and warranty until the end of the 10th year. Faculty/PI condo owners will continue to access equivalent Condo resources for years 6-10 at a reduced rate of 20% per year. This will provide participating Faculty/PI's time to seek funding to purchase new compute nodes, while ensuring they have more resources than guests currently receive.

Roles and Responsibilities

Division of IT

  • The Central HPC is purchased and maintained in the campus data center and managed by DoIT technical staff.  This includes hardware and storage, routine maintenance, and select system configurations.
  • Access Management will be managed by requesting access by emailing ITS-HPCSupport@csulb.edu.  Access and audit information can be provided upon request.
  • DoIT will maintain and facilitate hardware support agreements for machines covered under this service.
  • DoIT will communicate and coordinate with the customer to ensure minimal service disruption.
  • Changes to networking configurations.

HPC Condo Owners 

  • Faculty or PIs who invest in the HPC will receive priority to resources they purchased in addition to idle resources that may be available. This is what's known as an Institution/Condo Model.
  • Please see Institution/Condo Model for details about Process, Storage and Backup, Software, Resource Utilization, and Cost.

Community Members (Non-Paying Faculty and PI Researchers)

  • The HPC resources are available for Faculty and PI Researchers at no cost, but resources and/or computations may be limited or delayed if "condo owners" have priority jobs running.
  • Please see Institution/Condo Model for details about Process, Storage and Backup, Software, Resource Utilization, and Cost.
  • HPC users will provide copies of software licenses as reference material for DoIT, where applicable.
  • Updates and/or modification to application software will follow the request process to ensure requirements and instruction are effectively communicated to DoIT. 

  • HPC users will conduct all application testing and will provide DoIT with written confirmation of acceptance.

  • HPC users are responsible for application support, administration, and related tasks. This responsibility includes all software licensing charges (as appropriate), software vendor contracts, technical support, and software updates as appropriate.

HPC Steering Committee

  • This is composed of staff from Division of IT, HPC Condo Owners, and Community Members to meet and discuss technical and service related issues concerning the HPC environment.  Meetings are only on an as-needed basis.
  • See High Performance Computing (HPC) for a list of current members.

How to Get Service

Support is available Monday - Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm. To submit an issue, please email ITS-HPCSupport@csulb.edu and we will respond within 2 business hours. Assistance with formulating computation, code support, or using applications/software is not available from DoIT. We suggest peer support from other Condo Owners.

Changes in application, software, and hardware requirements must be reviewed / approved by the customer and provided to DoIT in a timely manner. New requirements are subject to DoIT resource review.