WiFi Expansion & Improvement Multi-Year Project - Fiscal Year 2018/19

The following list identifies specific areas on campus that have undergone upgrades this fiscal year of telecommunications cabling and replacement or installation of additional wireless access points (WAPs).  This is a multi-year project.  This list is in the order work is planned and will continue to be updated as scheduling may change and as work is completed.

Building Area Status
Kinesiology Northwest quadrant of building offering coverage throughout most classrooms and offices Completed
MLSC 1st, 2nd, 3rd floors: upgraded and expanded coverage Completed
CBA Lecture Halls: upgraded equipment to improve Wi-Fi performance for high density areas Completed

In addition to the list above, investments in the back-end Wi-Fi infrastructure have been made this fiscal year to improve performance, connectivity and security of the network.

See Pending Waitlist Areas for future locations.

Progress Made in Previous Years

Fiscal Year 2013/14

Fiscal Year 2014/15

Fiscal Year 2015/16 

Fiscal Year 2016/17

Fiscal Year 2017/18

Fiscal Year 2019/20

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