Forwarding BeachMail to Personal Email Account

Per CSULB e-mail communications policy, all official CSULB announcements and notices will be sent to campus-provided BeachMail (Outlook) e-mail accounts.  This means preferred student e-mail addresses in MyCSULB will automatically be updated to the campus-issued address.

Refer to ​​​Student Email Used for CSULB Communications - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information

These instructions listed are for Outlook online.



  1. In Beachmail, check to make sure the "Try the new Outlook" switch box is turned on if using the newer version. It should appear blue if it is already switched on. 

new outlook


  1. Now click on the settings icon on the upper right hand corner which will open a panel of options and click on View all Outlook settings at the very bottom.. 

view all outlook settings


  1. In Settings, click on Mail > Forwarding

mail fowarding


  1. In the text box, type in the desired emailed that will be forwarded to and check the box for "Enable forwarding" and "Keep a copy of forwarded messages"

forwardin optioms


  1. Once finalized, click on Save.



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Campus-issued student email account, also known as BeachMail.